Yellow Belt 1

Student Knowlege
What country does Jujitsu come from? Japan.
What does the word Jujitsu mean? Flexible art/ Gentle Art/ Flexible Science.
Emergency telephone number. 000.
Demonstrate knowledge of Dojo etiquette. Refer to rules of dojo
What is the main principle of Jujitsu? Balance.
Who bows first a high rank or low rank. Low rank.
When was Jujitsu formulated? 1532
Who used Jujitsu in Ancient Japan. The Samurai.
Translate the word Mate. Stop.



How to tie your belt


Tai Sabaki – Nagashi – Avoiding

Ude Gatame- Straight arm lock


Aggressive Handshake

Inside wrist grip

Outside wrist grip

Both hands holding one wrist

Both wrists held

Front Strangle

Side Strangle

Rear Strangle

Bearhugs from behind over the arms

Bearhugs from behind under the arms

Bearhugs front over the arms

Bearhugs front under the arms

Side Headlock

Front Kick

Roundhouse kick





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