How grading works at Martial Arts Queensland

Gradings in Ronin Ryu Jujitsu is a test of skill and knowledge. Pre testing starts 2 weeks before the grading day. Each defence colored belt has 4 degree’s; all these degree’s are individual ranks that have to be earned before you can progress onto the next belt level. Degree’s can be earned in class or at the 2 gradings we hold each year.

Ranks are as follows
Probationary black

Black belt 1st Degree
Black belt 2nd degree
Black belt 3rd degree
Black belt 4th Degree
Black belt 5th degree
Black belt 6th degree

Red and white belt 7th Degree
Red and white belt 8th Degree
Red and white belt 9th Degree

Red belt 10th degree


How the degree system works

1st degree   – You have successfully shown that you understand the techniques for your belt level.

2nd degree – You are able to demonstrate the techniques at a higher standard for your belt level.

3rd degree – You have shown improved efficiency in all the techniques for this belt level.

4th degree – You are fluent in the techniques for your current belt level/rank and ready to start training towards the next colored rank.


Degree’s are accumulated at each grading, by the time you reach your 4th degree you should be ready to move onto the next belt level, if you are not ready the instructor will advise you of your options.

What we look for in each technique- Speed, Power, Focus, Balance, Distancing, Timing, Reaction time, Accuracy & Dynamic Balance.

Components of grading- Time spent on the mat, performance in class & performance at the grading.

Managing Expectations: Students are informed that they are aiming to achieve 1 degree per grading.  We try to manage the student’s expectation so to avoid disappointment.  If they happen to achieve more than a tip it is an added bonus for their efforts.  Remember students train at different levels, some students train once a week, some twice and some up to 4 or 5 times a week.  This is why managing expectations is very important.  It is better to be a fantastic yellow belt than to be an average orange belt.  If parents can assist in managing students expectations it will help in keeping the confidence and self esteem high.


Rules of Grading Martial Arts Queensland