Rules of the academy

(Dojo Etiquette)


 The following rules will be in effect in all classes in order to provide a safe and positive learning environment for all students

  1. Always be courteous and respectful.
  1. Bow when entering or leaving the dojo and going on and of the mat.
  1. Gain permission before leaving the mat or dojo.
  1. Inform the instructor of any injures before training, or any injuries sustained whilst at training.
  1. No jewelry to be worn whilst training.
  1. Nails must be trimmed and clean for training.
  1. Always wear shoes when coming to training, shoes must be placed on the provided rack.
  1. Clothing and personal hygiene must be kept as high as possible uniforms must be ironed.
  1. Maintain self control and self discipline.
  1.  Always be early for training, at least 5 minutes. If late do not come onto the mat, kneel at the edge of the mat and wait to be acknowledged by the Instructor
  1. When a higher rank speaks to you show respect.
  1. Follow the advice of the Instructor
  1.  Your training should be used in self defence only students who use there techniques for violence will be expelled from the school.
  2.  Don’t practice or show your martial arts techniques outside the dojo (this is how injuries can happen).
  1. Don’t wear your uniform outside the school.
  1. Martial Arts is a skill that can never be learned in isolation. It must be learned from practice with other people. So as our progress depends on others, we must therefore be respectful and considerate to all with whom we practice.